Angel investing is high risk, potentially high reward

Angel investing is a risky but potentially rewarding way to diversify investments and back visionary founders. Learn more about how to get involved.

Karat Financial LLC does not provide investment advisory services or act as a fiduciary.

Get connected with visionary founders

Build relationships with early-stage founders who understand the value of content creation. As a creator, your opinions matter.
Jane Ko
Investor  |  250K+ followers

"Over the past 6 years as a full-time creator, I’ve partnered and promoted over 600 brands. That’s over 600 brands that I’ve helped grow in a very small way. Angel investing is important to me because I want to be part of the growth and journey of other brands and I can also impact these brands within my social ecosystem and network. To date, I have angel invested in 20+ brands in CPG, fin-tech, real estate, hospitality and more."

Ben Awad & Linda Chen
Co-Founders of Voidpet

“Karat showed a deep intuition for what resonates with consumers, and were capable of amplifying our reach to new audiences. We received our very first investment through Karat’s network, which soon led to our first funding round let by a16z’s Speedrun."


Karat Financial LLC does not provide investment advisory services or act as a fiduciary.

Why do creators invest in startups?

Startups are really risky. If you invest, you'll most likely lose your money. Why would you consider still doing it?
Build authentic relationships

Attend our events like Creator SharkTank for an opportunity to connect with top creators and founders who can grow your network.

A tiny chance of big wins

There's a very small chance of high financial upside. Think Ashton Kutcher or Beyonce, who made it big on Uber stock early.

Shape the future

Contribute to the growth of innovative ideas as you get to play an active role in shaping how a founder’s vision gets brought to life.

Past community events

We regularly host events such as Supernova (Creator Sharktank) so you have the opportunity to meet and connect with top creators and startup founders.


Imagine Pokémon, but based on emotions. Co-founders Linda Chen and Ben Awad pitch their game that helps improve your mental health.


Put your face on a beer! Eliqs offers quality canned beverages with customizable labels, so you can add a personal touch to your celebrations. Co-founders Joey Schwappach and Max Berg pitch to the thirsty judges.


Daffy automates charitable donations, making it easy to give to the causes you care about. CEO and co-founder Adam Nash pitches the modern platform for giving.

Sundial Foods

It’s everything you love about chicken wings, minus the meat. Co-founders Siwen Deng and Jessica Schwabach from Sundial Foods pitch their ethical and environmentally friendly vegan wings.