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A card designed to help you grow.

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We give creators the spending power they need to power their growth.

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Build your personal credit history so you can get your dream apartment, car, or house.

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Track your business expenses to maximize your tax savings.

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No interest, no foreign transaction fees or fees of any kind.

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Join the Karat community for exclusive events with the biggest creators in the world.

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Earn points to redeem for one-of-a-kind rewards, like having your face on a billboard in Times Square.

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4.5M Subscribers On Youtube

"Karat provided higher spending limits when vendors delayed paying us, supporting our coffee line.”

1.3M followers on Twitch

“Karat is the best business credit card for creators–they approved when other banks rejected me twice.”

21m followers on facebook

"I have over $3M in revenue per year and 20 employees, but traditional banks still don’t trust me. Karat gets it.”

4.1m subscribers on youtube

“Despite running a top YouTube channel, I couldn't get help from traditional banks. Karat set me up with a real business card.”

1.4M Listeners on spotify

“Karat has been my go to card for everything business. Compared to others, Karat’s customer service and rewards system are far superior.”


How do I save in taxes by writing off business expenses?

Your content-related expenses can all be potentially considered business expenses by the IRS and eligible to write-off in taxes. For example, if you pay your video editor $100, you might be able to save anywhere between $10 and $40 (depending on your tax bracket) off that expense if you write it off.

The Karat Card makes it easy to track and manage these business expenses. Our dashboard gives a clear view of your spending. Plus, we offer Tax and Bookkeeping services to keep things organized.

How does the rewards program work?

Earn 1-3 points on every dollar spent, based on custom spend categories that you select when you join. You can redeem your points for billboards, custom merch, podcast studio time, statement credit, and much much more (redemption rates  vary). Or, trade points for statement credit at 100 points = $1.

Please see our Terms of Use for all terms and conditions.

How does Karat build my personal credit score?

You need a good credit score to get an apartment, car, or mortgage. The Karat card helps creators build their credit score. As you pay off your Karat card every month, we’ll help you build your credit history which will increase your credit score over time.

How does paying off my Karat card work?

It’s super simple. At the end of every calendar month, you’ll be responsible for paying off your balance (how much you spent that month). There’s no interest or fees. Our autopay system makes this process seamless, and these on-time payments will build your credit history.

Will applying affect my credit score?

Nope. Unlike with most other credit card companies, your credit will not be impacted by applying.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to DM us on Instagram @trykarat if you have any other questions!