Charged Up.

Karat is the Black Card for Creators.
Grow your channel faster with the credit you deserve.
Find out why the biggest creators in the world use Karat.
Karat is the Black Card
for Creators.
As a content creator, you build community, you run a business.
You deserve a card that keeps up with you

A Card of Your Own.
Charged Up.

Our card is your canvas.
Create your own laser etched card with a custom design.

“Karat has been amazing to me. The setup process was simple and easy, and the card looks dope!”

TikTok Influencer, 1 million followers.

"With over $3m in revenue per year and 20 employees, the bank still doesn’t trust me with a credit card. Karat gets it. Banks don’t."

Nas Daily
Facebook Influencer, 15 million followers, Instagram Influencer 1.8 million followers.

“Karat is the card I wish I had two years ago. Banks gave me laughably low credit, forced me to fax documents like the mesozoic era, and treated me like I didn’t matter. Now I have the credit I need, the perks I want, and a fax machine that I can set on fire.”

YouTube Influencer, 2.8 million followers.

O.G. built and backed

We built products at the biggest social networks and the biggest old school banks. Now we're building a better bank for creators.
Investors from:
Kevin Lin
Biz Stone
Steven Chen
Michael Ovitz
Kevin Mayer
Former CEO
Adam Nash
Former CEO
Mike Lu
Ankur Nagpal

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