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Discover more about your favorite creators as they unravel untold stories with Karat’s co-founders, Eric Wei and Will Kim.
We Raised $70M to Build a Bank for Creators | Karat’s Founding Story

Hi! It's @erictway here - cofounder of Karat. Together with my cofounder Will - we just raised $70M to help creators with their finances 🥹 We're going to walk through the real founding story behind Karat - all the confusion and triumphs and day to day that my cofounder and I experienced.

Our investors are top creators we work with - like @ludwig, @GrahamStephan, @NickDiGiovanni, @BotezLive, @Wendoverproductions - as well as previous founders & CEOs from YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, CAA and Wealthfront.

I Lost My Job & Borrowed $20K to Stream on Twitch: CodeMiko’s Story

During COVID, CodeMiko was laid off. She took over $20K in debt to buy equipment so she could start streaming with our own avatar on Twitch.Now she's a top streamer and founded her own company to help others follow her path.

She Lost Everything - Now She Plans to Launch Her Own Brand | Sulhee Jessica Woo

Join Eric Wei, co-founder of Karat as he sits down with Jessica Woo and discusses what it takes to be a hustler, a full time mom, and The Bento Box Queen.

How I Went From A Depressed Student to $100M Founder

@erictway is cofounder of @trykarat and helped raise millions of dollars to build a better financial system for creators.Before Karat, he lived a really different life - he did product at Instagram, consulting at McKinsey, investment banking at Blackstone, and economics at Harvard. He also hated it.

I Quit Computer Science For Fashion TikTok: Vivacious Honey’s Story

Vanessa Chen is a fashion star today as @VIVACIOUSHONEY  - but several years ago, she was a computer engineering student. Here's how she made it~

I Quit The Navy For YouTube: Austen Alexander’s Story

Austen Alexander believed joining the Navy was the best decision he’d ever make. Until he began uploading videos to his youtube page, he found his true calling as a content creator. After seven years as a Marine, he finally quit the Navy and shifted his focus to creating fitness-based content on Youtube, gaining over one million subscribers.

Last Airbender Star (Toph) Quit Hollywood for Yale | Michaela Murphy

Michaela Murphy grew up fast. She started taking care of herself at age 6 - and at age 12 - she voiced Toph in Avatar: The Last Airbender. She stopped to continue school and recently graduated from Yale - where she faced a whole new set of challenges and discovered a new dream.

I Beat Depression Through YouTube: Cole Hastings’ Story

@ColeHastings used to be alone. He didn't feel attractive; he had gone through a recent breakup and wanted to learn how to be better. He started reading and training. Today he shares his lessons with over 500K followers on YouTube- and aspires to become a filmmaker next.

Fundy: From Failing School to Collabing with Dream

@Fundy barely graduated. But he learned to code from Indian YouTube tutorials - and made lunch money through Runescape. When his first Minecraft video got 600 upvotes on Reddit, he cried.Now he's huge and collaborated with Dream - and he's using his YouTube earnings to fund a game studio.

From Coffee Barista to 365,000 Subscribers on YouTube | Swell Entertainment

Amanda Golka from @SwellEntertainment always wanted to be an actress. But before the pandemic, she was a barista. She set a goal - if she could make 3x as much for 3 months from YouTube as she did as a barista, she'd make the switch.Today over 350K subscribers watch her commentary - and she has aspirations to do more.

How ZoeUnlimited Gained 2M Subscribers in 1 Year

@zoeunlimited blew up on YouTube even while her parents actively discouraged her career choice as trash and her as not talented.She's thriving & succeeding nevertheless. Join us for 36 Questions to Fall in Love with zoeunlimited

@JimmyZhang Makes Me Cry

@JimmyZhang ‘s story is crazy- the man’s been through a lot- from being afraid of talking to girls to becoming a popular comedic creator.

​@GrahamStephan Hates School But Was a Millionaire by 26

Join us for an intimate personal interview where we play 36 Questions to Fall in Love with @GrahamStephan .

@jasminericegirl Talks about Money and Sex

@jasminericegirl  previously was an investment banker who graduated from Wharton. Now she tweets about sex to 300K followers and cofounded Fanhouse, a top creator startup backed by a16z & the Chainsmokers. Listen in as jasminericegirl and Karat cofounder @erictway play 36 Questions to Fall in Love together!


@ELLIOTCHOY  is constantly pushing to do more. From redefining college vlogs to turning down venture money to launching his apparel and building a new creator institution in New York - Elliot's done it all.

Join us for an intimate conversation on how he does it with @erictway, cofounder of @trykarat.

@SteezyKane is Leaving YouTube to Focus on Hollywood

@SteezyKane  used to be broke and famous- think over a million followers, making less than $50K a year. He blew up with clever prankster videos - but his true passion is to produce creative documentaries.

Tune in to learn how he built his content into a financially stable business - and how he’s transitioning from click bait to something more meaningful.

@NateOBrien On Finding Balance and Happiness

@NateOBrien, a former farmer turned top finance and minimalism creator, shares insights on work-life balance, personal recharging, and self-awareness with Karat Co-Founder Eric Wei. He offers insightful advice on work-life balance, knowing oneself, and avoiding burnout to find true happiness.

@UnderTheInfluenceShow Plays 36 Questions to Fall in Love

@barchemistry and @jeremykimkardashian are stars with over 1M+ people following their podcast @undertheinfluence. Today @erictway falls in love with them over a candlelit @trykarat podcast

Lizzy Capri is Ready to Change

Lizzy Capri has a problem: she's too successful. She has over 9M followers on her YouTube channels but wants to do something new.

In our interview, she says, "Find the thing you're so passionate about - that you'd be willing to even pay money to do it.

Join us for an intimate conversation with her!

JHB’s Superpower is Being Awkward

JHB joined 100 Thieves as a high school student. Now at just 20 years old- he’s built a devoted community of over 200k fans and his own podcast show.

Join us today on the Karat podcast with @erictway to learn how he did it.

Ben Uyeda Will Design Your Life - and Your Death

Ben Uyeda is an award-winning designer who previously ran his own architectural studio & taught at Cornell. He's also brought design into the daily lives of millions through his videos chronicling his process - join us today for an intimate discussion how Ben designs his life and even his death!

Dylan (@hyperr) Traded YouTube Earnings for Teamwork

@hyperr runs a YouTube empire including 3 channels with over 1M followers each- and has built a company with 10 employees to support him in doing so.

Join us for an interview with Hyper as we dig into how he did it.

Wendover Productions is Building a Media Empire

@Wendoverproductions is building a media empire - with multiple channels including  @halfasinteresting and @jetlagthegame . Join us for an in-depth interview with Karat cofounder @erictway as we learn how he did it.

Anna DeGuzman is Magical

Anna De Guzman is a creator and magician extraordinaire who's performed at some of the most prestigious events and venues around the world. She's been featured on Australia's Got Talent, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, MTV, Disney, and more.

Join us for our interview with her and Karat cofounder @erictway!

JimmyHere Was Always the Class Clown

JimmyHere always was creative. But he struggled academically in school where teachers didn't appreciate him. He spent years working jobs and doing content on the side- before he finally started getting traction through League of Legends parody rap videos.Now - he's a comedic star with millions watching him and laughing along with him.

Ben Awad Plays to Win

@bawad is a creator, entrepreneur, and coder - and one of the most competitive fighters you'll ever meet. Tune in to episode 12 of the @trykarat podcast with Ben and co-founder Eric Wei

Minx Does an Ice Bath Interview

Minx asked for this herself - join us for an intimate ice bath podcast where we add in more bone-chilling ice water as we go through emotionally personal questions! With our cofounder Eric Wei.

Minx Feels Like She's Too Awkward

@justaminx is the queen of memes and streams. Minx is a dynamic and charismatic Twitch streamer known for her electrifying energy and passion for gaming. Join us on part one of the @trykarat podcast to learn more!

Steven He was Rejected Over 3000 Times

Steven He was rejected over 3000 times as an actor. @StevenHe made over 200 failed YouTube videos. Today over 10M people follow him - and he's changing how scripted comedy works on YouTube. Watch our podcast with him today to learn his secret and how he changed!

Jeanelleats Left Her Tech Job to Cook

When @jeanelleeats quit her cushy tech job to become a YouTuber- everyone thought she was crazy. She grinded for years before her work paid off- now she shares our food & travels to over 1M followers on YouTube. Watch @erictway interview her in our latest @trykarat podcast interview! link in bio

JT Barnett Quit Pro Hockey to Make TikToks

From pro hockey player to TikTok influencer, JT Barnett's journey is one of determination and resilience. In our latest episode, JT shares how he turned his passion for creating content into a successful career. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of TikTok's top creators and see how he's helping others achieve their goals.

Melissa Ong Quit Google to Post Memes

Melissa Ong is a comedic superstar. She has millions of fans, built a cult around her humor, was covered in the NYTimes, and is represented by UTA but she didn't start this way.Listen to The Karat Podcast to learn about Melissa's journey from repressed tech worker to the unleashed & empowered entertainer she is today.

Alexandra Botez is 'all or nothing'

Alexandra Botez is a top streamer, CEO of a growing media empire, a chess master - and extremely thoughtful and self-aware as a human being. Listen and learn about Alex's drive and passion across work, life, and love.

SeanDoesMagic Wants to Host the Oscars

Sean Sotaridona, aka @SeanDoesMagic, a magician and content creator chats with Karat co-founder @erictway in this week’s podcast episode. The two talk about Sean’s journey as a magician, his experience growing up with immigrant parents, and his mission to one day host the Oscars

Hungrybox is More Than a Gamer

He's one of the top Super Smash Bros players in the world. He has over 10 tournament wins. He's a co-owner of @teamliquid. You know him as Hungrybox. But he prefers you to know him as Juan. Watch Eric Wei interview Juan—and get to know him beyond just Hungrybox.

These YouTubers Opened up a NYC Ice Cream Shop Together

Eric talks with Dylan Lemay and Tejas Shullur, good friends who operate the CATCH'N Ice Cream store in New York City. In this episode of the Karat Podcast, Eric plays 'We're Not Really Strangers' with Tejas and Dylan, where the friends talk about career aspirations, almost drowning, and the difficulties and rewards that come with pursuing your dreams.

Jack Selby Has Never Said This Before

In our second episode, Eric talks with @jlsselby, a good friend who co-hosts @TheIcedCoffeeHour with @GrahamStephan . Jack and Eric muse over some of Jack’s insightful quotes while covering topics like perfectionism, personality tests, and separating the art from the artist.

Nas Daily Feels Like a Loser

Eric chats with Nuseir Yassin (aka @NasDaily), a wildly successful entrepreneur and creator who just so happens to be an old college buddy. They go deep on lingering insecurities from their younger years, loneliness, how they figured out what they wanted to do, and the privilege of work-life balance.

Bonus Episode Cameo on "The Under the Influence Podcast"

Bonus Episode with Eric Wei the co-founder of @trykarat on the Under the Influence Podcast.

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