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Jane Ko
Austin Texas Blogger|  159k Followers

"Karat launched bookkeeping and taxes this year and I switched everything over to them last month. They were able to find $40K in uncategorized expenses, which potentially saved me $10K in taxes!"

Super Culture
Creative Studio and Fashion House

Karat helped SUPERCULTURE find over $1M in business writeoffs-translating to over $250K in potential savings.SUPERCULTURE is the top creator apparel studio that's done drops with Ludwig, Minx, QTCinderella and more.

Musician  |  1.7M on Spotify

“Karat has provided me with incredible financial tools for my business. As an independent creator, I know they’ve got my back.”

YouTube | 3.47M subscribers

"Many creators don't know - but with a S Corp LLC, you can save money because your business profits aren't taxed a 15.3% self-employment tax. Karat helped me structure my business to benefit from that, potentially saving more than $10K."

Real Engineering
YouTube  |  3.9M subscribers

“Despite running a top YouUne engineering channel, I couldn't get help from traditional banks. Karat set me up with a real business card.”


Peace of mind included

We are a team of accountants, bookkeepers and tax experts which
understand creators' business models on a deep level

No surprise fees
No worrying about what you owe the government
No complicated tax software
No learning curves
Custom packages available
Taxes on your terms

Make your money
work for you

Creators don’t make money the way everyone else does, and our tax professionals get that. Maximize your tax deductions and minimize your stress with accounting experts who’ve been there, done that, and do it every day. You’ve got your hands full with content creation and growing your business. Let us handle the hoops.

Fully customized packages

Pay only for what helps you grow. Need a quarterly estimated tax audit? We’ve got you covered. Want someone else to incorporate your business for you and leave you out of it? We can do that too. You set the terms that work best for your business.

Payroll and independent contractor

Keep your people paid on time. Tell us how much to pay your employees and when and we’ll handle the rest, including any necessary withholdings. Work with freelancers? No problem, we can take care of them too.

One-on-one tax strategy

Talk to a real person about your taxes. Whether it’s a question about a letter from the IRS or just time to file taxes again, you’ll always connect with another human when you’re using Karat Books.

Bookkeeping, from A to Z

We’ll stay on top of your books for you, and there’s no challenge too big or small for us to handle. Generating invoices and balance sheets? Check. Tracking business income and spend month-to-month? Double check.

asked questions

You asked, we answered.
How much does it cost to sign up with Karat Books?

Our pricing is tailored to the specific services and requirements of each client's business, ensuring you get the best value for your needs.

How is Karat Books different from other accounting platforms?

Karat Books is uniquely designed for creator businesses, focusing on strategies and write-offs specifically relevant to your industry, setting us apart from other accounting platforms.

What if I change my mind?

We offer flexible month-to-month services, allowing you the freedom to use our services without being tied down to long-term contracts.

What if I'm behind on my books?

Our team is experienced in handling catch-up projects to tidy up your past records and bring your books up to date.

What if I have other questions?

Simply submit an inquiry to learn more and our team will promptly get in touch with you to discuss your needs.

Get your
finances sorted

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